About Mars Indane

leading indane gas services in Kuniamuthur, Kovaipudur

Mars Indane Gas is started in 2010 at Coimbatore by D.Mohana MSC Agri and P.N.Rajendran MA, has become a well established company as a distributor and supplier of domestic and special purpose indane gas products. Mars Indane Gas Services is one of the leading supplier of domestic gas in Kunniyamuthur, Kovaipudur surroundings, with good customer support and services, Our delivery will be within 1 hour from your order time. Mars Indane Gas is dedicated for the distribution of domestic gas connection with Government Subsidy and 5Kg, 19Kg commercial and industrial Nano-cut Cylinder

Hi-Therm Indane Cutting Gas

Mars indane gas agency is a supplier of nanocut hi-therm indane cutting gas


Our Services

This are our main services that we do in Mars Indane Gas

Domestic Gas

Mars Indane Gas service supply domestic gas with Government subsidy within 1 hour delivery

Gas Stove

Mars Indane Gas service supply high quality Gas Stove range from Single Top to Four Top Stoves

Industrial Gas

Mars Indane Gas service also supplies Industrial and commercial gas with Nano-cut, Hi-therm cutting gas

Our Strength

Mars Indane Gas Service strength is our customer service and quick delivery